“In 2009, I met Anthony when I decided that being almost 30 pounds heavier than I currently am was no longer acceptable to me. Standing 5’1” and weighing in at 140 pounds, it was a matter of health concern. I previously decided to change my eating habits, but was worried that I was not equipped to work out on my own and see any kind of lasting results.

I started training with Anthony two days a week for a half hour per session. It’s tough to describe how you feel as a pretty overweight person working out with someone who knows what a body should look like and how it should function. Intimidating is the best word I can use. But Anthony was patient, professional and after a very short period of time had gained not only my respect but also my complete trust. I knew, despite never actually chatting about it, that my best interest and pushing me to be better were his top priorities.

Fast forward three years and Anthony was now certified in USA Weightlifting and well educated on the best techniques for maximum results. He started to really turn up my workouts and revised my fitness goals. Rather than two half hours a week, I was now training one hour twice a week, taking two of his tabata classes and his boot camp. I was working out five days a week for the first time ever in life and loving it. Exercising was no longer something I did out of obligation to his time, but rather something I did for myself because we were both proud of my results and eager to push my limits. This motivation is the most valuable thing Anthony has given me in the years of training.  I was doing things I never thought possible all with the guidance and encouragement of a professional and a friend. After a few short months of this, I began to notice a serious change in my body. I was developing muscles that proved to me in my reflection that I was becoming an athlete.

At end of July in 2009 after our first meeting, I received a text, “This is Anthony, your trainer.” Little did I know that was the beginning of what would transform my entire life. Four years in, I am happier with my new me that I ever thought possible and I owe it to him. Thank you Anthony!”


“Finding a personal trainer that actually understands your fitness needs, inspires you to meet your goals, leads by example, and is actually someone you’d want to be friends with in real life is a pretty difficult task. I feel privileged then to have found all of these qualities in Anthony Ortiz. I’ve been training with Anthony for about six months and have watched my body transform from an out of shape, former high school athlete to a soon to be 30 year old capable of dead lifting 305 pounds. Anthony is the kind of trainer you never cancel on, disappoint, or slack off with because you can feel how much he cares about you and how hard he works to get you to meet your goals. And when Anthony isn’t busy planning ways to kick your butt, he’s jumping over cars and dominating his own fitness.”


“I started going to Rx strength in March and was immediately hooked! I started off going to Jeff’s classes Friday mornings at 6AM and from there expanded to Monday and Wednesday evenings. I got so addicted that if I would miss a day I made sure to make it up on the weekends. That’s when I had my first class with Hannah. I liked her classes so much that I found myself going to her noon classes in the middle of the week any time I had a day off from work! Her classes are the perfect combination of slow, heavy lifting- with a huge focus on perfect form- and quick high intensity conditioning. I am a Physical Therapist and have seen many patients with injuries due to performing heavy Olympic lifts at a fast speed with minimal focus on form. For this reason, when joining a gym with prescribed work-out routines it was important to me that the quick, high intensity conditioning movements are kept separate from the heavy lifting movements. Hannah sets up the work-outs perfectly so that the classes are split up into these two different kinds of exercise types. Not only does she design the classes in such a great way but she monitors the heavy lifts to make sure everyone is performing them correctly. On top of this, she is always pushing us to try to lift a little heavier, or to move a little quicker through the conditioning. She makes it so that it is impossible to hit a plateau and so that we are always getting stronger, better and faster. She not only gives you the strength to do what she asks, but she gives you the confidence to know that you can hit what she asks of you. Since I began taking classes with Hannah I have not only become stronger physically but I have become a lot stronger mentally and I am only continuing to progress. I would recommend her classes to anyone!”


“My husband and I began working out with Anthony a little less than a year ago and the results have been great.  We both feel much better and are in much better shape.  As busy professionals, we don’t feel like we have enough time to dedicate to working out, but Anthony has done a great job of getting us in shape notwithstanding that fact.  What’s great about Anthony is that he always keeps things fresh and interesting.  Having found ourselves bouncing around various gyms and classes in the Boston area and never really settling in, Anthony’s ability to keep us interested and keep us coming back is a true testament to his ability.  We’ve worked with a number of trainers and taken all kinds of classes at various gyms around the Boston area, but Anthony is far and away the best trainer we’ve worked with and teaches the best classes we’ve ever taken.  Although my husband and I have different fitness levels and our levels of strength are quite different, Anthony is always able to create great workouts for both of us at the same time that are both challenging and entertaining.  I’d recommend him for both training and classes without reservation.  He’s a great trainer and a great person.”


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Anthony for over 3 years now. My husband and I moved from Wisconsin to the Boston area in 2010. I left an amazing gym and a great group of trainers in Wisconsin and was scared that I would never be able to find that again. I met Anthony after joining the local BSC gym and immediately fell in love with his classes and teaching style. I have been training with him now for a little over a year. Anthony is a smart and creative trainer who will not let you give up. He has the ability to drive you to try harder than you thought possible and enjoy every minute of it! I have always been in awe of his ability to motivate and coach people to make each workout a wonderful experience. Your dreams are his dreams and he has the heart and expertise to help his clients reach their own personal goals whatever they may be.  As a D1 college soccer player, I was used to hour-long practices, training/weight-lifting sessions, and being pushed to the max. After college, I turned to running to make up for the hour long soccer practices I no longer had. After training for and completing my first marathon, I set a personal goal to qualify for and to run the Boston Marathon. 6 years of training and 5 marathons later, this past April I completed the Boston Marathon. I truly believe that without Anthony’s help I would never have reached my dream of crossing that famous finish line. Anthony knew just what exercises would complement my running. My body got stronger and my times got faster. Before Anthony, I was no stranger to the gym. I attended classes regularly, worked with trainers, and lifted on my own. Over this past year, however, Anthony has been able to teach me new things. Everyone that knows me knows that I can’t sit still and get bored pretty easily, but with Anthony as my trainer this never happens. Each session is unique and different. He challenges you in new ways. I leave each session dripping in sweat and gasping for air. Just when you think you can’t go anymore, you’ll be told to “hold for another minute” or “do 10 more reps.” Over the years, Anthony has become more than just a trainer. He is also a friend. If you have the pleasure to work with him enjoy every minute and you will feel and see success each and every workout. “


“I was never particularly fond of the gym. I used to run on the elliptical, and then sit at a few machines here and there. I wouldn’t leave feeling really accomplished, but figured it was better than nothing. After attending Hannah’s class, I became hooked. I now look forward to going to the gym because I know I will be challenged, and push myself more than I knew possible. I used to go twice a week, and if I missed a class wouldn’t think anything of it. Now, I want to go at least 3 times a week and always make sure I can go to one of Hannah’s classes. You can tell that Hannah and Anthony really care and are enthusiastic about what they are doing. It shows in their programming, and their desire to see us succeed. No matter what your fitness goals may be, they are there to give you the advice and encouragement to help you reach your goal. It’s great to find coaches that stress the importance of form, and give you the confidence to make you feel like you can conquer the workout that looks so daunting. Since attending Hannah’s classes, I feel stronger, and now possess the drive to push myself beyond my limits. “