Mango Salsa

IMG_4553I’m going to admit – until this past weekend, I had never had mango salsa.  I actually avoided it.  I had it in my head that I would probably hate it, something about the sweetness of the mango having no place in a salsa.  But I decided to give it a shot for a BBQ this past weekend, and now I am left kicking myself for never having made this before, because it is absolutely delicious!  It’s all sorts of chopped perfection that is great for a hot day, on a chip, in a taco, or just a heaping spoonful of it as a side dish.  The only part I struggled with was dicing the damn mango, since I rarely eat them, for some reason trying to get the meat of the fruit was a feat I was not entirely prepared for.  I squeezed the first one to death, then watched a youtube video and was all set going forward.  Apparently I was making it much harder than I needed to.  Most of you should probably be fine because unlike me, you do not lack the common sense to cut a piece of fruit properly.  Regardless, the salsa was perfect, and I have no doubt you will enjoy this refreshing little treat!  (And pardon the tupperware in the pic.  I would have preferred to have this in a pretty dish for the pic, but whatever – if it can look yummy in a plastic container, you KNOW it’s good!)

Yields approx. 4 cups salsa 
(trust me…you want this much)

3 Ripe Mangos diced
1/2 Large Red Pepper chopped
1/2 Small Green Pepper chopped
1/2c. Red onion chopped
1/4c. Fresh chopped Cilantro
1 -1 1/2 Jalapeño seeded and minced (depends on how hot you want it, but remember you can always add more heat, so start with just the one if you are unsure)
1 large lime, juiced
Salt to taste

Add all ingredients to a serving bowl, sprinkle lime juice on top, and season with a little fresh ground sea salt to taste. So easy!

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