12 Days of TCU Christmas

Since the gym will be closed for the majority of Thursday and all day Friday, we wanted to leave you with a fun bodyweight circuit to do while you are celebrating the holidays!!  Here’s the deal though. Since we LOVE to see you guys posting about your workouts, we thought we’d give you a little more incentive. If we see 15 or more posts on social media, NO BURPEES UNTIL 2016!! To make the post count, it has to include the following:

Facebook: Tag Hannah, Anthony or Team Chalk Up, include ‪#‎teamchalkup ‬‪#‎tcuchristmas‬ ‪#‎noburpeestill2016‬

Instagram: tag @teamchalkup, and include the #teamchalkup #tcuchristmas #noburpeestill2016

This workout is pretty simple (in theory). You know how this goes – just like the song.  But we don’t have drummers drumming or pipers piping, and Hannah is terrified of birds, so we changed it up to reflect what we would like to really give you for Christmas.  Start with 1, then 2,1, then 3,2,1…etc  until you get to 12,11,10 all the way down to 1.

00m Run
2 Wall Walks
Hollow to Arch Roll (hold the hollow position, then roll to arch without disengaging)
4 Pushup to Runners Lunge (side to side = 1)
5 Lemon Squeezers (boat up + v-up = 1)
6 Squat Thrust Tuck Jump (squat thrust then jump high bringing your knees high up to your chest)
7 Dips
8 Lunges (side to side = 1)
9 Burpees
10 Mountain Climbers (side to side = 1)
11 Squat Jumps
12  Flutter Kicks (side to side = 1)

So have fun with it, and let us know how it goes!  Most of all, have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends, travel safe, and we will see you back at the gym soon!

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