fundraising thermometerAs athletes, keeping our bodies strong and healthy is clearly a priority.  We know that a healthy mind and body fueled with the right food, and the right balance of exercise can do wonders for your overall health and wellbeing.  But did you know, that 50% of all cancer deaths can be prevented through good lifestyle choices including physical activity, good nutrition, and proper cancer screenings?  Every day, we make decisions that have a direct effect on our body and how it functions.  We choose to stay active knowing that this will keep us healthier.  However, there are some things that are out of our control.  By taking part in the “Do It For The Boobs” challenge, you are helping raise money for the American Cancer Society so they are able to do what they do, to help those who have been affected by things outside of their control.  The American Cancer Society currently funds $47,506,200.00 in active research grants in MA alone!  Our challenge is just one small way to contribute to this amazing organization.  This year, we hope to raise $2,500 for the American Cancer Society, which is a huge jump from last year, but with your help, we have no doubt that we will be able to hit that mark!  

So what is the “Do It For The Boobs” challenge??  Here’s how it goes:

From October 12 – October 18, we will be running the challenge.

Each boot camper will have a 50 burpee finisher at the end of class. For every dollar donated to the American Cancer Society, you will subtract 1 burpee from your 50. So essentially, you donate your way out of your burpees!

For donations over $50, every dollar over will donate a burpee to the coach of your choice.

If you just LOVE burpees, you can also donate $50 AND do the burpees, which will then donate 50 burpees to your coaches!

How to make a donation:  We will be accepting cash or checks made out to “The American Cancer Society”, or you can VENMO money directly to Hannah or Anthony and we will pool it together with the other donations when the time comes to make the larger donation!   

So rock your new tanks, (we got a few extra if you didn’t get your order in on time), and get ready to burpee…I know your coaches are all looking forward to it!FullSizeRender


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