I was on my way to meet up with my sister for a picnic, and realized I should probably bring some food.  But being a single gal with a single guy’s fridge, and about 15 minutes until her arrival, I ran to the market to hopefully grab some stuff from the pre-made salad section (I know…shudder) for me and my vegetarian (meaning: no hotdogs or burgers allowed) sister.  Scanning their selection, I ordered some greek salad, an interesting bean salad, and a kale salad, which looked the most promising, but since it was from the Star Market deli, I wasn’t getting my hopes up.

I know, I know – I am not one for any pre-made anything from Star Market, but I figured you can’t go wrong with a few salads, and to my complete surprise, the kale salad was actually not bad!  There were a few things I wished were a bit different, the dressing, the toppings, etc…but the general idea?  Hell yeah I liked it!  So while the recipe below isn’t exactly the Star Market exact recipe, I think it may be a bit better, a bit healthier, and definitely fresher.  I usually make enough of this to last a couple days, putting the dressing on the whole salad at once so the flavors all absorb together over a day or so.

This has quickly become one of my favorite salads as it is bright, and full of flavor, and I know that each time I eat it I am refueling my body with everything my body needs to keep these workouts on track!




There aren’t really any set measurements for this – it’s a salad – no need to measure here…you can’t really do this wrong.  I like to go a little heavy on the blueberries & almonds, and a little light on the craisins, but that’s just me!

Kale – spines removed and chopped to your preference – I like it in super small bites
Broccoli Slaw – I cheat on this – one time I made it from scratch, but it took way too much time and caused a MESS – then I saw that they sold it in the market in a bag – it’s shaved broccoli, red cabbage and carrots, and it’s ready to go for you. I will sometimes lightly sautee this and let it come back to room temp prior to putting it in the salad as sometimes the broccoli tends to be a bit rough for my liking.
Sliced Almonds (if making a large salad to store for later, I leave these off and add them each time I serve the salad so they don’t get soggy from the dressing)

Optional Additions:

Avocado:  as if this is ever REALLY optional…
Chicken, Steak, etc…I tried it once with fish…but it is a little too much to be paired with a light fish in my opinion – needs the heartiness of some meat to be an equal match on the plate.


Dressing: Shallot/White Wine Vinaigrette

2T White Wine Vinegar
2t dijon mustard
salt & pepper to taste (about ½ t)
1 minced shallot
gradually whisk in ⅓ – ½ c olive oil

As with any dressing – doubling it is super easy.  I like to make mine in a mason jar so I can just shake it up instead of dealing with a whisk (anything to save on some dishes), and that way if you make a ton extra, you can just store it right in the jar for next time!

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